This feature is not Generally Available yet. You can refer to this document only if your Aqua environment is enabled with the feature, Suppression of image vulnerabilities. If you are interested to experience this, please contact Aqua Support for enabling the feature.

Aqua may detect security issues (vulnerabilities, malware, and sensitive data) during image scanning. If so, the Aqua UI will tell you precisely which security issues were detected.

You can suppress the security issues. When you do so, you tell Aqua not to fail any Image Assurance Policies, for that security issue. In other words, you believe that deploying containers based on the image in question will not cause unacceptable security risks due to that security issue.

If your Aqua environment is enabled with the Suppressions feature, the action of suppressing security issues is called Suppression. If this feature is not enabled, it is called Acknowledgment.

You can suppress security issues in two different methods as explained below:

  • Suppression Rules: You can create suppression rules to suppress the specific vulnerabilities automatically as soon as they are detected after scanning the images. The vulnerabilities eligible for suppression are determined based on the criteria and scope set in the suppression rule. You can create suppression rules to suppress only the vulnerabilities detected in the images. For more information, refer to Images Screen: Suppression Rules (tab).
  • Manual Suppressions: You can suppress the specific vulnerabilities, malware, and sensitive data as and when required. For more information, refer to Apply and Manage Manual Suppressions.