This article explains the process of integrating cloud artifact registries with Aqua. Once a registry is integrated, Aqua scans all the artifacts in the registry using the checks defined by Aqua and detects any security issues in the artifacts.

These security issues are displayed in the Tool Chain page > Artifact category in the form of failed checks.

Current Limitation

Aqua currently supports integrating with JFrog artifact registry; integrating with more registries will be supported in future.

Integrate an artifact registry

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. On the top right side of the page, click Connect and select Registries. The registry integration page appears.

    3. Select the registry: JFrog Artifactory. The Authentication section appears.

   4. Enter URL of your JFrog environment. A link to creating an access token in the JFrog environment appears.

    5. Click the link to navigate to your JFrog environment in a new tab.

    6. In your JFrog environment > Access Tokens page, generate an access token by selecting the following:

  • Token scope: Admin
  • Service: All

    7. Copy the access token.

For more information on creating an access token in your JFrog environment, refer to the JFrog documentation, Generating Admin Tokens.

    8. In the Aqua UI, enter the JFrog access token and click Connect. You can see that JFrog Artifactory is integrated with Aqua.

You can connect to multiple accounts in the same JFrog artifactory integration.

Integration with On-premises artifact registries

Refer to Integration with On-Premises Artifact Registries.