The November 2022 SaaS Update Release includes the following changes with respect to the previous SaaS product release. Unless otherwise stated, all updates were made available on November 20.


Aqua Platform

Enhancements to Jira integration for Response Policies

  • When a Response Policy is configured with trigger type "Aqua Hub Insights" and set action to Jira integration, the specific resources in Aqua Hub Insights will display the matching Jira tickets.
  • You can now define ticket status in the Jira integration to consider the associated ticket as closed and unlink from the affected resources in Aqua Hub Insights.

Supply Chain Security

Dependencies tab in the Code Repository detailed view

In each code repository detailed view, the new Dependencies tab shows details of the dependencies used in building the application code in the code repository.

Aqua now supports displaying misconfigurations detected in the build pipelines

  • The new Build Pipelines screen displays all the pipelines connected to the code repositories and misconfigurations detected in these pipelines.
  • In the code repository scan detailed view, the new "Pipelines" tab displays all the misconfigurations detected in the pipelines connected to the specific code repository.

Enhancements to the Integrations page

  • The Integrations page now displays all the connections established with the source code management tools and CI integrations.
  • Aqua now supports connecting to the CircleCI platform to discover and scan code repositories hosted on it.

Workload Protection

Express Runtime Protection Mode: kernel rootkit detection

When running in Express Runtime Protection Mode, the VM Workload Protection Policy can be configured to detect kernel rootkits on hosts and in workloads.

Behavioral Detection: kernel rootkit detection

Behavioral Detection provides run-time monitoring of an environment for any signs of malicious behaviors that could indicate an attack on the environment. This feature now includes kernel rootkit detection.

Effects of Application Scope on Behavioral Detection Incidents

In the Incidents page, the events displayed are now filtered by the user's application scope(s); only events relevant to the scope(s) are displayed.

VMware Tanzu Application Assurance Policies: Vulnerability Exploitability control

VMware Tanzu Application Assurance Policies support the Vulnerability Exploitability control. If included in a policy, this control will fail the VMware Tanzu application if any exploitable vulnerabilities are detected during scanning.