The September 2022 SaaS Update Release includes the following changes with respect to the previous SaaS product release. Unless otherwise stated, all updates were made available on September 11.


Aqua Platform

Aqua Platform SaaS edition is now available in South Korea

Aqua Platform SaaS edition is now hosted in the "South Korea" region. You can access Aqua Platform in this region using the URL: For more information, refer to SaaS Regions.

Image Scanning and Workload Protection

Filter repositories by Docker Labels

In the Images page > General tab, a new filter "Docker Labels" is added to filter repositories by any Docker label entered partially or completely. For more information, refer to Images Screen Operations.

Cleanup Settings added to Automatic pull and scan images in the Image Registry Integrations

In the configuration of image registry integrations, for the automatic pull and scan image settings, a new option Cleanup Settings is added. When enabled, repositories and images will be removed from the Aqua Images screen automatically, if they were removed in the source.

New Aqua plugin version for Azure DevOps for Image Scanning

  • Aqua plugin version 4.1.19 for Azure DevOps extensionhas been released to introduce the following custom flags:
    • path=directory: To add a custom directory path where you want to store image scanning artifacts (HTML report and json file); by default, these artifacts are stored in the "tmp/" directory
    • --disable-report: To disable publishing image scan results in the pipeline > Aqua Scanner Report page; but image scanning artifacts will be stored in the build agent machine.
  • With Aqua plugin version 4.1.19 for Azure DevOps extension, for each instance of Aqua scanning task, a new scan report is displayed, instead of overwriting the previous scan report.

Search the integrated image registries with their name and type

In the Administration > Integrations > Image Registries page, you can now search the integrated image registries with the registry name and type. For more information, refer to Image Registries and Repositories.

Workload Protection

"Cloud Workload Scanning" enhancements

The Cloud Workload Scanning feature discovers the following objects in the VMs:

  • Running containers, which are displayed in the Workloads > Containers page and VM detailed view > Containers tab. Security issues detected in the running containers are also displayed on these pages.
  • Host images on which the running containers are based. These host images are displayed in the Images > General and Host Images tabs. Security issues detected in the host images are also displayed in these tabs.

Timestamp of the Incidents reported in the millisecond resolution across the Incidents page

Incident created time in the Incident list view, event summary, and timeline are displayed in the millisecond resolution to improve accuracy of the incident timeline.