The June 2022 SaaS Update Release includes the following changes with respect to the previous SaaS product release.

Unless otherwise stated, all updates were made available on June 12.


Aqua Platform

Compliance reports in Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub offers compliance reports to match your cloud infrastructure scan results to industry standards and compliance controls. For more information, see Aqua Hub Compliance.

Detailed information on vulnerabilities found in resources

(available June 27)

In the Aqua Hub Inventory, selecting a resource opens a panel that shows detailed information about the resource. This panel has been enhanced to include information on all vulnerabilities found in that resource.

Scan latest [n] images in AWS Auto-Discovery of ECR registries

(available June 27)

When performing AWS Auto-Discovery of Amazon Elastic Container (ECR) Registries, you can configure Aqua to scan the latest [n] images from each repository.

Workload Protection

Vulnerabilities screen support for hosts and functions

The Vulnerabilities page includes vulnerabilities found by Aqua when scanning hosts and serverless functions (in addition to images).

Configuration of Advanced Malware Protection in Express Runtime Protection Mode

When Aqua is running in Express Runtime Protection Mode, it is possible to configure the operation of Aqua's Advanced Malware Protection feature. The Settings > Malware Protection UI page includes a section called "Advanced Real-time Malware Protection Settings". This allows you to:

  • Disable malware protection for VMs, containers, or both
  • Specify Linux and/or Windows files and directories to be excluded from antivirus scanning

Workload Protection and Image Scanning

Vulnerabilities screen filtering improvements

  • Separate tabs are now provided for the Risk-based Insights and All Vulnerabilities display modes, respectively.
  • In All Vulnerabilities mode, a new "filter" icon provides access to a pop-up window, from which you can select or enter the values for all filtering parameters. The search bar for vulnerability ID and/or resource is unaffected by this.
  • These filtering parameters support multi-selection: Vulnerability Severity, vShield Status, and Exploit Type.
  • The Image Name filter drop-down allows both free text entry as well as selection from the values supplied. If you enter free text, Aqua will include all vulnerabilities based on images that contain the text string you have entered.