The April 2022 SaaS Update Release includes the following changes with respect to the previous SaaS product release.

Unless otherwise stated, all updates were made available on April 17.


Image Scanning and Workload Protection

Images screen filtering: new options

The Images screen allows you to filter the list to show:

  • Repositories with non-compliant images
  • Security risks: malware, vulnerabilities, or sensitive data

Google Artifact Registry integration: multi-region support

When integrating with a Google Artifact Registry, it is possible to select one of these regions: asia, europe, or us.

Trivy Premium scanner supports Mariner OS packages

The Trivy Premium scanner detects vulnerabilities in Mariner OS packages contained in images.

Workload Protection

Improvement to KubeEnforcer diagnostic message

The important KubeEnforcer diagnostic message "Failed to find matching registry for container" has been elevated from debug to info level, reducing the likelihood of it being overlooked. The text has also been changed to "The registry could not be found for the container".

Behavioral Detection and Incidents

Aqua offers:

  • Behavioral Detection: runtime monitoring of an environment for any signs of malicious behaviors that may indicate attacks on the environment
  • The Incidents page: displays all behavioral detection events with critical, high, or medium severity