The February 2022 SaaS Update Release includes the following changes with respect to the previous SaaS product release.

Unless otherwise stated, all updates were made available on February 13.


Image Scanning and Workload Protection

Enhancements to Jenkins plugin and job configuration

After upgrading your "Aqua Security Scanner" plugin in Jenkins to v3.2.0, you can see the following enhancements in the plugin:

  • Jenkins plugin configuration includes an option Token for authentication to support connecting the Aqua Security plugin in Jenkins to the Aqua scanner, using token authentication
  • Pipeline and freestyle job configurations include an option Token to connect a Jenkins job with a specific Aqua scanner, using token authentication. This option allows you to connect a Jenkins job with a different Aqua scanner than that configured in the plugin.

For more information, refer to Jenkins Integration.

Image Scanning

Simultaneous image scanning

Each Aqua Scanner (listed in the Administration > Scanners page) can scan multiple images simultaneously.

Note: In the Enterprise plan, Scanners in the Workload Protection module already support simultaneous image scanning.

Workload Protection

VMs screen enhancements

It is possible to filter the VMs screen (under Workloads) by failed Host Assurance Policy.