About CSPM

The CSPM module is part of all plans of Aqua Platform SaaS Edition. See Getting Started with Aqua Platform for more general information.

What's in the "CSPM" documentation category?

This category contains all documentation for CSPM configuration and usage. The individual articles are grouped in folders related to functionality (e.g., Cloud Accounts, Scans, and Remediations).

If you are using Aqua's legacy SaaS offering, Aqua Wave, please use the articles in the folders whose names begin with "(Legacy)".

SaaS plan applicability

All articles in this category apply to all SaaS plans.

Context-sensitive help

Most UI screens of the Aqua Platform SaaS Edition have a Get Help icon in the lower right corner. Clicking it will display a window that includes links to documentation topics related to the screen you are viewing.