About Workload Protection

As explained in Getting Started with Aqua Platform, Aqua Security's Enterprise solutions provide comprehensive security for cloud-native applications: build, infrastructure, and workloads. There are two editions of Enterprise:

  • SaaS (software-as-a-service): The core infrastructure and services of Aqua Platform are deployed and maintained by Aqua Security. 
  • Self-Hosted: Deployed and maintained by you in your own environment. This edition is also referred to as "on-premises" or simply "on-prem". This edition was formerly called "CSP".

The Workload Protection module is part of the Aqua Enterprise SaaS Edition. It provides complete security for cloud-native applications.

What's in the "Workload Protection" documentation category?

The folder called Workload Protection Essentials is the starting place for most of the documentation in the Workload Protection module. This includes a functional overview, which contains links to more comprehensive information in the Aqua Enterprise Documentation Portal.

Getting Started with Aqua Platform provides a reference to other sources of information related to Aqua Enterprise SaaS, including full product documentation, context-sensitive help, and supplementary information, including troubleshooting procedures.

SaaS plan applicability

Each article indicates the SaaS plans it applies to. Therefore, all articles in this category have this indication:

Context-sensitive help

Most UI screens of the Aqua Platform SaaS Edition have a Get Help icon in the lower right corner. Clicking it will display a window that includes links to documentation topics related to the screen you are viewing.