About Aqua Enterprise

As explained in Getting Started with Aqua Platform, Aqua Security's Enterprise solutions provide comprehensive security for cloud-native applications: build, infrastructure, and workloads. There are two editions of Enterprise:

  • SaaS (software-as-a-service): The core infrastructure and services of Aqua Platform are deployed and maintained by Aqua Security. 
  • Self-Hosted: Deployed and maintained by you in your own environment. This edition is also referred to as "on-premises" or simply "on-prem". This edition was formerly called "CSP".

See Getting Started with Aqua Platform for a description of the primary sources of documentation for Aqua Enterprise.

What's in the "Aqua Enterprise" documentation category?

This category contains supplementary information related to the administration and use of Aqua Enterprise.

Individual articles are grouped in folders related to operations (e.g., Deployment or Integrations), core components (e.g., Database or Aqua CyberCenter), and functionality (e.g., Image and Container Security, Enforcement, or Malware Protection). The folder called Troubleshooting includes a wide variety related to resolving problems you may encounter. The other folders may also contain troubleshooting-related articles related to specific subjects (e.g., Integrations).

Please note that most of the folders and articles are about product usage, and therefore apply to both the SaaS and Self-Hosted editions of Enterprise. However, since the deployment and maintenance of core infrastructure and services is pertinent only to the Self-Hosted edition, a few folders (e.g., Deployments, Aqua Server, Database, and CyberCenter) do not apply to users of the Enterprise SaaS edition.