Aqua can send notifications about various scan results, events, and activities in your account to emails and third-party integrations.


Product Update Notifications

If you would like to receive information about product changes and new features from Aqua, you may opt-in or out from the CSPM > Settings > Notifications page:

New Plugin Notifications

When Aqua releases new plugins, we send a notification approximately 5-7 days ahead of the release.

Notification Via Email

Aqua can send notifications to your email when new plugins are released.

Notification Via SNS Topic

Aqua can send notifications via SNS endpoint when new plugins are released.


Scan Report Notifications

When Aqua runs a CSPM report against a connected cloud account, a notification and a summary of the report is sent to your email address, depending on your settings.

You can opt into receiving reports in one of the following scenarios:

  1. For all connected cloud accounts - you will receive an email every time a scan is run, regardless of the results
  2. For new risks across all connected cloud accounts - you will receive an email only when a scan detects new risks
  3. Customized per account - you can select option 1 or 2 above on a per-account basis.

Scan Report Notifications through Emails

Configure how you would like to receive emails when Aqua runs scan reports for your account following these instructions:

  1. Click CSPM > Settings >  Notifications
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Select the preferred option.
    • Send All Scan Reports: Select this option if you wish to receive a notification each time a scan is run for all the cloud accounts.
    • Send New Risks Only: Select this option if you wish to receive a notification only when new risks are detected for any cloud account.
    • Customize Per-Account: This option is to receive a notification as per customized settings. If you select this option, the complete list of cloud account along with customizable options (Send All Reports, New Risks Only, Do Not Send Reports) appear at the bottom. Customize your desired settings.

  • *Individual Users must enable or disable notifications within their respective accounts. Administrators cannot change notification settings for all users simultaneously*