Trivy commercial scanner is Aqua's next generation scanning engine which will improve the scanning results and support the new sources such as Red Hat OVAL v2. This scanning engine will incorporate all the features from Legacy commercial scanner (current commercial scanner) and Trivy Open Source scanner (current Open Source market leading scanner). Aqua is investing in the Trivy commercial scanner heavily and it will be the default scanner during 2022. Currently, Aqua is developing a lot of exciting features in the Trivy commercial scanner, the tentative dates of their availability are mentioned below.

When do I get the Trivy commercial scanner?

All new sign ups to the Aqua Team and Advanced plans from November, 2021, will be shipped with the next generation Trivy commercial scanner. For the Aqua's existing customers, the Trivy commercial scanner will be available during 2022.

Features of the Trivy commercial scanner

To learn all the features offered by the Trivy commercial scanner, refer to Trivy Aqua GitHub repository.

Upcoming features on the Trivy commercial scanner

FeatureTentative date of availability
Javascript Language Vulnerability identificationQ4, 2021
Image scanning for malware
Red Hat OVAL v2 feed support
Image scanning for sensitive data
Scanning of Executables in the imagesQ1, 2022
Host images scanning
Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA) support
vShield support
VMware Tanzu Blobstore integration
Scanning Windows based images

How to find which scanner is shipped with your Aqua application?

You can check the scanner type, either Trivy commercial scanner or Legacy commercial scanner integrated with your Aqua application on your UI. To check the scanner type integrated with your Aqua application:

  1. Navigate to the Image Scanning > Settings page.

        2. Open the Developer tools window in your browser.

        You can refer the instructions to open the Developer Tools window in a few popular browsers, from the link below:

        3. In the Developer tools window, navigate to the Console tab.

        4. Run the following command.

localStorage.setItem("AqFeatureFlags", true);

        5. Refresh your browser. You will see a new setting Feature Flags on the left pane.

        6. Navigate to the Feature Flags page.

You can identify the scanner: either Trivy commercial scanner or Legacy commercial scanner with the feature flag, as explained below:

  • If you find that the Trivy Scanner feature flag is Active, your Aqua application is integrated with Trivy commercial scanner
  • If you find that the Trivy Scanner feature flag is either not Active or not available in the list, your Aqua application is integrated with the Legacy commercial scanner

Toggle between the scanners

If you want to switch from the Trivy commercial scanner to the Legacy commercial scanner or vice versa, please contact Aqua Support.