The DTA (Dynamic Threat Analysis) service is accessed with URL that is entered in the Dynamic Threat Analysis tab setting. Multi-region DTA provides a mechanism to limit access to DTA services in specific regions. If you are using multi-region DTA, the access URLs are applied separately for each local zone that connects explicitly to the requested region. For example: If the requested zone is Finland, the access URL enables DTA service connection specific to the European region. 


Multi-region DTA increases the security of your data by blocking exfiltration of your data to regions other than the one you have configured. This may help you meet GDPR compliance requirements.

How to use this service

Aqua has DTA instances running in servers in various zones specific to a region. When you register to the Multi-region DTA service using the Aqua-provided access URL, you change the DTA setting to run the DTA instance in the local zone specific to your region. Follow these steps in the UI to change Aqua configuration to access the local DTA instance:

  1. Select Workload Protection from the mega menu.
  2. Select Settings from the left navigation pane and select the Dynamic Threat Analysis tab.
  3. Enter the URL and Token provided by the Aqua account manager.
  4. Click Save

Contact your Aqua account manager to know the availability of Aqua DTA server specific to your region and to get the access URL. 

For more information

See Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA) and DTA Operation.