Before beginning the Remediations setup, please ensure to connect your Azure cloud account to the Aqua scanner by following these steps:

  1. Login to the Aqua portal.
  2. Select CSPM from the mega menu. 
  3. Select Cloud Accounts from the left side navigation pane.
  4. In the Cloud Accounts page, select Connect Account.
  5. Select the Aqua Group and Microsoft Azure from Cloud Account Type dropdown.
  6. Copy the PowerShell script from the Cloud Account Connection Steps section.
  7. Login to your Azure portal and open the PowerShell Terminal.
  8. Paste and run the copied script in the PowerShell Terminal. 
  9. Once the setup is complete, copy and paste the generated Application ID, Key Value, Subscription ID, and Directory ID in the Connect a Cloud Account page in the Aqua portal. 
  10. Click Connect Account
  11. Your Azure account is now connected to Aqua. You can view your new account in the Cloud Accounts page. 
  12. To edit the cloud account name, locate the newly created Azure account, click three dots at the end of the table and select Edit Account
  13. In the Edit Connected Account page, enter the desired account name and group. Click Save