The Security Reports area of Workload Protection is accessed from the left-hand menu. It comprises these pages:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Audit
  • CIS Benchmarks


The Vulnerabilities screen:

For a broad understanding of Aqua Image Assurance and protection of your workloads from vulnerabilities, it is recommended that you read the Image Assurance Overview. The topic Vulnerabilities Screen: Operations provides more specific information on what you can do on the Vulnerabilities page.


Aqua maintains an audit log of several kinds of events: both normal and those indicating security exposures. Reviewing the audit log is often essential for understanding and mitigating security problems in your environment.

Refer to this page for more information.

CIS Benchmarks

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) maintains several sets of benchmarks to help organizations assess cyber-security threats. These benchmarks are based on an industry consensus of well-defined best practices.

Refer to this page for more information.