Aqua should send some data related to images and repositories to CyberCenter in order to support various operations. For all operations, Aqua also sends the customer's encrypted license token to CyberCenter for the purpose of authentication. This topic describes the data sent with each operation from Aqua to CyberCenter.

Image scanning

For every image scanned, Aqua sends the following data to CyberCenter for querying the vulnerability database:

  • Aqua image digest
  • Image operating system
  • List of layer digests in the image
  • List of packages installed in the image, including:
    • Package format (example: rpm, deb, apk)
    • Package name (example: nginx)
    • Package version
    • Package hash (if applicable)
  • List of non-package executables, including:
    • Name of software
    • Version
    • CPE
    • SHA1 hashes of file contents, for the purpose of malware identification
  • List of programming-related files (example: php, js, jar), including SHA1 hashes of file contents

Aqua license enforcement

Aqua sends the following data to the CyberCenter once per day:

  • List of running Aqua components and their versions in the Server
  • Number of registered repositories and registered images