The Licenses screen contains Licenses details and the summary of usage limits for active licenses (Active Licensed Products). On this screen, you can add/delete/view your Workload Protection licenses.

View your license information

In the Aqua UI: 

  1. Select the Account Management module from the mega menu at the top.
  2. Navigate to Licenses & Plans > Enterprise Licenses


Aqua Enterprise version

The upper right of the screen shows the version of the Aqua Enterprise deployment (6.2.21143, in the screenshot above).

License Details summary

This summarizes the number of licenses installed, and their status: active, expired, or pending (not reached their start date). If there are any active licenses due to expire within 30 days, their number is shown as "about to expire".

License Details table

The table includes one row for each license.

  1. The Products column shows the number of products included in each license; clicking the > symbol to the left of the license name will show you the maximum number of products entitled by the license.
  2. The license Type is Annual, Marketplace, or POC.

The table can be sorted by Status, Start Date, Expiration Date, or Type.

Active Licensed Products

This shows the sum of the product usage limits of all active licenses. Expired and Pending licenses are not included in this list.

Add a license

  1. Click Add License at the top right corner of the Licenses page.
  2. Copy the license text from the email you have received from Aqua Support, paste it into the text box, and click Submit.

Delete a license

  1. Select one or more licenses to be deleted by checking the checkbox(es) near their name(s)
  2. Click the Delete icon.
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Continue in the prompt window.