Aqua admins can use Aqua UI to find out whether the CyberCenter is aware of a specific security vulnerability. In this context, a "vulnerability" can be either a vulnerability or a security advisory.

You should know the ID of the vulnerability in order to search its details. If the CyberCenter knows about the vulnerability, you can review all known information about it in the Aqua UI.

Supported Vulnerability types

Security advisory
Security advisory
Debian LTSSecurity advisoryDLA-2683-1
MicrosoftSecurity advisory


Security Update
Red HatSecurity advisoryRHSA-2021:0348
SUSESecurity UpdateSUSE-SU-2021:1952-1

Query a specific vulnerability or security advisory

To query about a specific vulnerability or security advisory in the Aqua UI:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Aqua CyberCenter.
  2. Enter ID of the vulnerability in the Search Vulnerability checkbox.
  3. Click Search.

If the vulnerability or security advisory is found in the Aqua CyberCenter, you can see the following information about the security issue:

  • Message: Vulnerability/Advisory detected by CyberCenter
  • Description: of the Vulnerability/Advisory
  • NVD or Vendor Information: It displays the CVSS score V2 and/or V3 and has NVD or Vendor Reference link to the website.
  • Packages Information: The list of packages having the specific vulnerability. The column "Aqua Entry Created" indicates when the vulnerability was entered into the CyberCenter database.

If the vulnerability is not known to Aqua, you will see the message This vulnerability is unknown to CyberCenter. Otherwise, you will see results whose format depends on the kind of issue found. 

Results: vulnerability

If the vulnerability is known to CyberCenter, you can see the following screen:

You can click NVD Reference to display the associated NVD web page in a new tab in the browser, as shown in the following screenshot:

Results: security advisory

If the security advisory is known to CyberCenter, you can see the following screen. It also displays the list of CVE vulnerabilities fixed in the security advisory. If there are multiple CVE vulnerabilities found in this security advisory, "Aqua Entry Created" column in the list of packages shows the earliest date among the multiple vulnerabilities.