This topic explains how to define Aqua Labels from the Administration > Aqua Labels page. 

Once Aqua Labels are defined:

  • Aqua users can use one or more labels to tag images from the Images screen. For more information, refer to Images Screen Operations.
  • Users can Add Aqua Labels in the Additional Scope Criteria, while configuring image assurance policies. This helps to limit the set of images, the policy should apply for evaluation of image compliance as per the policy applied. For more information, refer to Policy Scope.

Add Aqua Labels

Admins can add Aqua Labels to facilitate users to use the same to attach them to the required images. To add Aqua Labels:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Aqua Labels.
  2. Click Add Label. Create new Aqua label page appears.

        3. Enter a unique name to the Aqua Label and optional description.

        4. Click Save. You can see that the new Aqua Label is added to the list.