Aqua supports multiple concurrent workload protection licenses. 

  • Each license can apply to one or more individual Aqua products, specifying the usage limits for each. See Product usage limits below.
  • Workload Protection licenses can have different licensing periods, which can overlap. The Licenses screen shows the licensing period for each license and the aggregate product usage limits for the active licenses (those currently in effect).

Product usage limits

An Aqua license can specify one or more of the following:

  1. The maximum number of Aqua Enforcers, MicroEnforcers, and VM Enforcers you can deploy.
  2. Repositories: The maximum number of image repositories you can integrate.
  3. Functions: the maximum number of serverless functions you can scan; you can scan each function as many times as you want.
  4. Advanced Functions: the maximum number of serverless functions you can provide runtime protection for; you can run each function as many times as you want.
  5. Information pertaining to Tanzu  application instances; this license has two components:
    • The maximum number of Tanzu (CF) application instances that Aqua can support simultaneously.
    • Support level: Basic (application scanning only) or Advanced (application scanning and runtime protection).
  6. vShield: As explained in Licensing for Vulnerability Shield (vShield), this functionality requires its own product license. "Active" indicates that this license is present.
  7. Kubernetes Security: see Kubernetes Security Features per License.

Kubernetes Security licensing

See Kubernetes Security Features per License for a complete description of the Kubernetes Security license type. The number (usage limit) associated with this license is the number of nodes that can be protected at any given time.

Enterprise license operations

To know how to view, add, and delete your Workload Protection licenses, visit Workload Protection License Operations