Overview of Aqua units

Each Aqua plan includes a specific monthly allocation of Aqua units:

  • Team plan: 10,000 units
  • Advanced plan: 25,000 units
  • Enterprise plan: customized according to your needs

The Team and Advanced plans are limited to the number of units shown. Once your allocation has been exhausted, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan.

The Enterprise plan works differently; you can purchase additional units once you have exhausted the current allocation. 

For further information, see Aqua Platform Plans & Pricing. 

View your Aqua unit limit and current utilization

  1.  Select the Account Management module from the mega menu.
  2. In Account Management, select Units Usage under Licenses & Plans.
  3. You will see your utilization and allocation of units, as well as the per-resource breakdown of units consumed: 

  4. To see the usage breakdown for a particular resource, locate the resource and select Details. This displays the resource name (Resource), the number of resources of that type (Count), total units allotted (x Units) for that resource, and units consumed so far (Total Units Consumed). 

Aqua unit utilization for image scanning

There are two costs for image scanning:

  1. Scanning a repository costs 250 units; there is no additional per-image cost for scanning images in the repository.
  2. Deploying a CI/CD scanner costs 2,000 units; there is no additional per-image cost for scanning images using the corresponding CI/CD pipeline.

Aqua unit utilization for cloud resources

Refer to Aqua Cloud Resources and Unit Counts