Aqua has several plan types that are suitable for different use cases. Continue reading below to see the comparison of features across these plan options.

Plans and modules

There are four modules in Aqua namely CSPM, Image Scanning, Workload Protection, and Account Management. Each plan has one or more modules and the table below shows the plan-module(s) mapping:

Plan CSPMAccount ManagementImage ScanningWorkload Protection
Developer (Free)ü
Only Users and Groups in User Management

Only Users and Groups in User Management
Except for DTA and  vShield
Users, Groups, Roles, Permission Sets, and Single Sign On
Except for DTA and vShield

Developer plan

The Developer Plan is free for all users and includes only CSPM and Account Management (Users and Groups) modules. It is ideal for securing non-production workloads in a single cloud account. This plan is limited to a single cloud account connection (AWS, Azure, GCP, or Oracle Cloud), and can run scans on a monthly basis. This plan is limited to 500 resource units, which allows you to scan most small-to-medium-sized cloud accounts. 

Team plan

The Team Plan is ideal for securing small environments and includes CSPM, Image Scanning (except for DTA and vShield), and Account Management (Users and Groups) modules. Team Plan users can add an unlimited number of cloud accounts but are limited to 10,000 resource units across those accounts. The allotted 10,000 units can be used for scanning images and cloud accounts. The Team Plan also adds the ability to invite up to 25 Aqua Platform users. Scan reports can be run on a daily basis and results are stored for up to 90 days. Team users can also access compliance reports, such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Advanced plan

The Advanced Plan is designed for larger teams and large environments. This plan includes CSPM, Image scanning (except DTA and vShield), and Account Management (except application scopes). An unlimited number of cloud accounts are allowed. This plan comes with a default of 25,000 resource units to consume that can be used for image scanning and cloud account scanning. The Advanced Plan includes all of the capabilities of the Team Plan but adds SAML login, 180-day report retention, and the ability to have up to 75 Aqua platform users.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise Plan is Aqua's top plan and includes all capabilities and features. Up to 50,000 resource units are included by default, and additional units can be purchased for the largest environments. Scans can be run on an hourly basis, and reports are saved for up to 18 months. Additionally, an unlimited number of Aqua Platform users can be added.

For more information about units alloted to each plan, see Units Usage.