Aqua offers a 14-day trial of the Advanced Plan to newly subscribed users. This is a comprehensive plan, with support for 25,000 units that can be utilized to scan cloud resources in CSPM as well as scan container images. At the end of the trial period, users will get a grace period of 5 extra days, to allow them to upgrade from the free trial. Once the trial period and the grace period (total of 19 days) end, users will need to subscribe to one of the plans by providing their payment information.

Starting an Advanced plan trial

By default, every new sign-up to Aqua starts with a trial for the Advanced plan. To start your trial, please follow the instructions in Sign Up for a Trial

Starting an Enterprise plan trial

Customers who wish to evaluate the Enterprise plan may do the following:

  1. Select the Account Management module from the main menu.
  2. Navigate to Licenses & Plans and select Plans & Billings. On the Plans & Billings page, select the Enterprise plan, and click on the Contact Us button. Aqua's experts will contact you to further discuss a transition to an Enterprise plan trial. 

You can also change from the deafult Advanced plan to Team plan by contacting the Aqua Sales Team.

Experience during trial

During the trial, the full set of capabilities for the appropriate plan, Advanced or Enterprise, will be available for you. As the trial progresses, a counter with the number of days left in the trial will be displayed at the top of the application and will be updated regularly


End of trial

When under the Advanced plan trial, you can navigate to the Plans & Billing page and purchase the product. On that page, you have an option to select the plan you want (Team or Advanced) and provide the payment information to officially activate your subscription as a paying customer. To learn more about payment options, visit Aqua Plans and Pricing.

If you are an Enterprise trial user and wish to activate your subscription to the Enterprise plan, please contact your Aqua sales team to activate your subscription.


Once you complete your activation for one of the Aqua plans, the trial information message will no longer be displayed, and the plan set up for your account will appear on the Account Management > Licenses & Plans > Plans & Billing page. 

After the Advanced Trial ends, there is a grace period of 5 (additional) days.

Changing the trial to the Team or Enterprise plan

By default, you get the Advanced plan in the trial period. If you want to try the Team or Enterprise plan, please contact Aqua Security.