Aqua solution is offered through multiple plans. Each plan is optimized to address a slightly different use case as listed below. To determine which plan is best suitable for you please continue to read this article and/or visit Aqua's official pricing web page for a complete list of capabilities for each plan.  

Aqua plans & use cases

Aqua is offered in three basic plan levels:

  • Team plan: Designed for small teams, operating small/medium scale cloud-native production environments.
  • Advanced plan: Designed for larger teams or small enterprises, operating intermediate cloud-native production environments.
  • Enterprise plan: Design for massive scale, multi-team enterprises, operating complex cloud-native environments. This is Aqua's most comprehensive plan and includes tiered pricing for increased capacity as needed.

The official pricing web page includes a detailed capability map available with each plan.  For more information about features included in each plan, see Aqua Plan Features

Getting your plan details

Finding out your current plan assignment is easy. There are two locations presenting this information:

  1. Dashboard: Sign in to your Aqua account. The landing page presents the dashboard and the plan name is presented as a widget on the dashboard.

    In the example below, you can see that the user is set up with an Advanced Plan (trial). When you click on the Upgrade button in the Aqua Plan widget, you will be redirected to the Plans & Billing location where you can view more details and make changes. When the logged in user is an Enterprise user, the Upgrade button will be greyed out as this is the highest available plan.
  2. Plans & Billing: The second location to view the Plan information is from the Account Management > Plans & Billing page. You can navigate to that page directly from the dashboard as listed above, or do the following:
    • Click Account Management from the mega menu.
    • Select Plans & Billing under Licenses & Plans. You can view your current plan.