You can invite additional users to your Aqua account and create groups to manage them. Leveraging the groups in your Aqua account is easy and it is a powerful tool for segregating access to cloud resources. 

Create a group

  1. Select Account Management from the mega menu at the top of the page.
  2. Select Groups under User Management.
  3. Click Add Group.
  4. In the Add Group pop-up window, enter the Group Name and click Add Group.
  5. The created group will be displayed in the console along with the date of creation.

Delete a group(s)

  1. Select the group(s) you wish to delete. You can select one or more groups to delete.
  2. Click the Delete icon.

Export groups/group permissions

  1. Locate the Export icon at the right corner.
  2. Select Groups as CSV or Group Membership as CSV to export group details.

Group membership

  1. Non-Member: These users do not have any access to the cloud accounts associated with the group.
  2. Group Member: These users have read-only access to the cloud accounts in the group(s) they belong to, with no visibility into other cloud accounts. They can view other users unless the Users Admin Only setting is activated in CSPM > Settings > Security. 

3. Group Admin: These users can manage the group they belong to including the cloud accounts in them.