You can create groups of users in your Aqua account. Groups allow:

  • Authentication of users to Aqua Platform; see SSO Group Mapping.
  • Association of cloud accounts to all users in the group, as a means of segregating access to resources. See Cloud Accounts.

Create a group

1. In the Aqua UI, navigate to Account Management > User Management > Groups.

2. Click Add Group.

3. In the Add Group pop-up window, enter the Group Name and click Add Group.

The group created will be displayed in the console along with the date of creation.

Group management (Groups screen)

In the Aqua UI, navigate to Account Management > User Management > Groups. As seen above, this screen lists all groups and when each was created.  

Besides adding new groups, the actions described below are available from this screen.

View and configure group membership

1. Click the name of a group.

2. The screen that appears shows all users of the group (if any) and their type; see Users.

3. Admin users can change the type for other users; click Save when you have finished.

Delete group(s)

To delete one or more groups, select them using the checkboxes on the left side of the Groups screen, click Delete, and confirm the prompt to proceed.

Export group information

In the Groups screen, click Export to export information (name and date of creation) for all groups to a .csv file.