On April 23rd, 2021, Aqua Security will release and activate the following new features for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  

UNKNOWN status has now changed

When CSPM found disabled services in GCP, scan results used to display UNKNOWN (0). This behavior has now changed in Aqua CSPM to display the results as PASS instead of UNKNOWN. If a disabled service represents a misconfiguration for compliance purposes, then the scan result of the GCP plugin will be displayed as a FAIL. For more information, see How Aqua CSPM  behaves when a service is disabled in GCP.

Simplified Steps in Google Cloud Project Connection

In the new Google Cloud Connection steps, instructions have changed. CSPM users are no longer required to add API connections when connecting their GCP projects to CSPM. For more information, see the simplified steps to Connect a Google Cloud Platform Project to Aqua CSPM.

New Instructions to Add an Organization Level Account

You can now add a new GCP project as an Organization Level project. To learn more about this new functionality, see the Creating a New Organization Project in GCP section in the Organization Level Google Cloud Platform Project.

Changing a Project to an Organization Level Account

Any existing GCP project can be converted to an Organization level by editing the connection settings. To learn more about this new functionality, see Converting an Existing Project in CSPM to an Organization Project.

Visual Identity for Organization Projects

Organization Projects are visually identified with a new icon as shown below.