Aqua Workload Protection provides full lifecycle security for your cloud native applications (containers, orchestrators, cloud VMs, and serverless functions) at a very granular level. Aqua includes preventive controls to secure the development pipeline; protects applications in runtime; detects and blocks attacks; and provides visibility and auditing for security risk management and compliance.

Aqua Workload Protection:

  • Integrates with your existing workflows for building, shipping, running, and securing your cloud workloads
  • Works with the leading orchestrators and cloud provider platforms
  • Secures environments consisting of servers running Linux and Windows, as well as CaaS and FaaS cloud services
  • Provides you with full audit logs of security-related events that have occurred on your hosts or in your containers and serverless functions

For complete documentation, we invite you to start with Introduction to Workload Protection on the Aqua Platform Documentation Portal.