This topic explains the information displayed in the Images > Scan Queue page and actions that can be performed on this page. Scan Queue page displays scan status of all the images added to Aqua. Aqua maintains a queue of images awaiting scanning. These images may come from different registries, either pulled automatically through image registry integration or added manually from the Images > General tab.

Aqua dispatches images to either the Aqua Server or any of the available Aqua scanners that you have deployed. You also get the scanner CLI for daemon command to add Aqua scanners from this page. For more information on deploying scanners, refer to Add Daemon Scanners. 

The scan queue does not include images scanned as part of CI/CD system pipelines, as Aqua scans these on an ad-hoc basis. 

Image scan status

Images that are added to the Aqua console are added to scan queue first and then completed scanning in the queue. Numbers at the top of the Scan Queue page indicate the number of images in each status. You can find status and details of an image scan in one of the following tabs:

  • Pending: images that are awaiting scanning 
  • In Progress: images that are being scanned. There can be different scanners configured for different images. 
  • Finished: images, scanning of which has been finished 
  • Failed: images, scanning of which did not complete properly

Scanning of images In Progress

The number of jobs in the In Progress state can exceed the number of scanners. Server buffers scan results to the file system before saves them to the database, and marks them as finished. This process optimizes memory usage of the server and speeds up image scanning as the scanners do not need to wait for the results to be saved to the database before scanning the next image.

You can click each tab to see the list of images in the respective status.

Actions on the images in scan queue

You can perform different actions on the images that are in different scan status as explained below:

  • Pending: You can select a few images and click Stop Selected to terminate scanning of the selected images. Click All Pending Jobs: Stop to terminate scanning of all jobs pending in the scan queue. 
  • In Progress: You can perform the same actions on images in this page, similar to the actions on pending images
  • Finished: You can select a few images and click Rescan or click All Finished Jobs: Rescan to put the selected or all images in queue for scanning again. You can also click All Finished Jobs: Delete to delete all finished jobs from the Scan Queue page.
  • Failed: You can perform the same actions on images in this page, similar to the actions on finished images