Preview: This feature is currently in preview mode and its functionality may change ahead of the GA release.

Custom plugins have most of the features of the traditional plugins, with an additional feature- Edit Plugin. Edit Plugin enables you to edit the already saved custom plugin. 


Edit Plugin

  1. Select Edit Plugin from the list.
  2. Select the Cloud Account from the Cloud Account list. 
  3. Edit the conditions in Configure Plugin Conditions. You can add one or more new conditions, or delete, or modify the existing condition(s). Make sure to select the appropriate operation (Match all or Match any) while adding more than one conditions. 
  4. Select Evaluate to view live results and then select Save Plugin. Always evaluate the plugin before saving it.
  5. Select Save Plugin from the pop up window. You can modify the existing plugin details if needed.

Other Features

You can view more features of a plugin as below:

  1. More Info: On clicking this, additional details about the plugin are displayed in the pop-up window. To view the conditions and API details, click Show Plugin. This menu also allows you to export the plugin in JSON format. 
  2. Change Severity: You can change the severity to low, medium, high, or critical based on your organization's requirements. Select desired severity level from the Severity Level list and click Save.
  3. Live Run: You can run a live scan and view the result by selecting Live Run
  4. Audit Report: You can view the detailed audit report of scans including passed, failed, warning, and other issues from this option. The audit report can also be exported in .csv format.

View on GitHub and Public Stats features are available for default plugins but are not relevant for custom plugins.