CCPA states that companies need to provide more information to consumers about what's being done with their data and give them more control over how or if this data is shared.

Data Identification & Classification
Identify and classify your data assets.
Personal Information Location
Find out where the CCPA personal information is located.
Access Permissions
Determine if data is at risk by checking access permissions.
Role-Based Access Controls
Limit access based on their job.
Data Monitoring
Create a program to monitor personal data against threats.
Data Review
Continually review the data and its permissions.
Detect New Cyber Threats
Be on the lookout for new cyber threats, and adjust privacy and security as needed.
Information Security Plan
Appropriate data security measures should be implemented.

To View the Compliance Programs available visit Compliance in your Aqua CSPM Console, and select Defaults or Custom to filter the programs displayed, you can also expand the program control details using the Expand Settings toggle.