GCP Bulk Import Overview

Aqua offers the ability to bulk import your GCP projects for quick onboarding of up to 500 projects at a time. You will still need to follow the steps necessary to create an application and connect it to your projects.


  1. Enable the APIs and Services used for scanning in GCP
    • Enter the APIs & Services category.
    • Search for and enable the following APIs: 
      • Cloud DNS API
      • Stackdriver Monitoring API
      • Stackdriver API
      • Compute Engine API
      • Cloud SQL Admin API
      • Kubernetes Engine API
      • Service Management API
      • Service Networking API

  2. Create a GCP Service Account
    • Log into your Google Cloud console and navigate to IAM Admin > Service Accounts.
    • Click Create Service Account.
    • Enter "Aqua" in the Service account name, then enter "Aqua API Access" in the description then click Create.
    • Select the role: Project > Viewer and click Continue.
    • Click Done.
    • Select the newly created Service Account.
    • Select ADD KEY > Create new key.
    • Select JSON > Create.
    • Drag and drop the newly created JSON file in the Aqua connection wizard.
  3. Save the key JSON that was created during the above step to provide to Aqua later.
  4. Copy the new Service Account email created during the above steps.
  5. Add the new Service Account to each Project.
    • In each Project, Enter IAM, select Add, then add the service account email as a new member with the role Project > Viewer.
  6. Provide Aqua the key JSON and a list of of all the Project IDs to onboard (support will handle this step on your behalf).