Today, we are announcing that Aqua Image Scanning is graduating to General Availability (GA). The new service was announced at the end of April and has been in preview mode for the past six months. Throughout that time, our customers and prospects have been using the new capabilities for a variety of use cases, scales, and operations. Thank you for the collaboration and insights! 

The main parts of Image Scanning include:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning (VS) Scan your container images to detect known vulnerabilities (CVEs) and other security issues in your cloud registries. At its core, the service leverages Trivy, Aqua's open-source vulnerability scanner, to provide customers with fast and accurate vulnerability reports. Read more at Vulnerability Scanning Overview.
  2. Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA) The industry’s first container sandbox solution that dynamically assesses the risks of container images before they run in your production environments. DTA runs your container images in an isolated sandbox environment that monitors and detects Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) such as container escapes, malware, crypto miners, code injection, backdoors, network anomalies, and more. Read more at Dynamic Threat Analysis Overview.

On October 29th, Aqua Image Scanning will reach a further milestone by becoming generally available. Existing Aqua customers already on the Team, Advanced, and Premier plans have access to the new capabilities in accordance with their unit limits.