This is a deployment guide that will demonstrate how to configure Aqua to be able to scan s390x/IBM Z architecture based images. This is achieved by explicitly setting the AQUA_IMAGE_PLATFORM environment variable to s390x.



Step 1: Prerequisites

  • This guide is written with the assumption that there is already a running deployment of an Aqua Console and one or more Aqua Scanners deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • The guide also expect you to have access to modify Aqua Console manifest and be able to deploy the manifest after you have made the necessary changes.

Step 2: Set AQUA_IMAGE_PLATFORM to s390x In Your Aqua Console Manifest

  • For your reference, below is a yaml snippet of the environment variable set to "s390x";
          - name: AQUA_IMAGE_PLATFORM
            value: "s390x"

Step 3: Deploy the Aqua Console Manifest With The Modified AQUA_IMAGE_PLATFORM Environment Variable

  • Once you have completed modifying your Aqua Console manifest to match with the configuration defined in Step 2, the next step will be to apply the new changes to your Aqua Console in your cluster;
kubectl apply -f aqua-console-s390x.yaml --namespace aqua
  • Once the deployment is complete, your Aqua Console should now be able to scan s390x architecture based images. Below is a screenshot demonstrating the configuration of the Aqua Console;

Step 4: Scan And Register s390x Architecture Based Images 

  • Check the Scan Queue tab to see if the images have been successfully scanned and registered;

  • You can now check out the scan results in the General tab and verify that the architecture scanned is s390x;

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