Image Scanning is a new capability within the Aqua offering, providing static vulnerability scanning and dynamic threat analysis for cloud container registries. Image Scanning has been under closed Preview program since April 2020. Today we share a major update to the Preview, bringing Image Scanning closer to General Availability. General Availability is expected to be announced later this calendar year.

What’s new in the updated Preview:

  • User Experience:
    The new Preview includes a combined experience for Vulnerability Scanning and Dynamic Threat Analysis and addresses numerous comments from previous iterations. 
  • Supported platforms:
    The preview includes support for more types of registries, adding Azure ACR, Google GCR, and Docker Hub, in addition to the already supported Amazon ECR.
  • Aqua Security Score:
    The Aqua score represents a standard security evaluation of the image that combines the results from vulnerability scanning and dynamic threat analysis.
  • Delegated Administration:
    Aqua groups are now enforced for image scanning, bringing the delegated administration model of CSPM to the Image Scanning module.

How to join the Preview?

  1. Sign in to Aqua and open the mega-menu (upper left side of every page
  2. Click on the Image Scanning option
  3. Click on the button on-screen to request to join the program
  4. You are all done. We will receive your request and process it

Existing Preview customers: 

This update is not backward compatible. You will be required to onboard your registries again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
(This change was necessary to support changes to the onboarding CloudFormation script).  

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