Aqua is licensed based on the number of billable Aqua Units used by Secured Resources across your cloud environments. The calculation is done in real-time, taking into account the latest activities performed in your environment, such as the latest CSPM cloud account scan activities.

The up-to-date unit usage is always presented in the Aqua's Plan & Billing page, which is found under the Account Management menu heading.

In the example below, there are 14,965 Units in use out of the 50,000 Units that are available to the Aqua account.

A detailed breakdown of the usage of units is available by clicking on the Breakdown hyperlink, which brings you to the Usage page. Here you will find the different resources that Wave has access to and the number of Units that it consumes.

Click the Details button to see more details about the unit usage for that resource. In the below example, the container is consuming 3,200 Units for Dynamic Thread Analysis (DTA) and 1,200 Units for Vulnerability Scanning (VS).

Image scanning resources and unit counts

There are two costs for image scanning resources:

  1. Scanning a repository will cost 250 units. Each image within a repository will not cost any additional units.
  2. Deploying a CI/CD scanner will cost 2000 units. Images scanned through that CI/CD pipeline will not cost any additional units.

If you are on the Enterprise plan, navigate to Account Management > Licenses & Plans > Units Usage to see up-to-date unit usage information. See Units Usage for more details.