As part of the full upgrade process, Aqua is providing a procedure to validate a successful re-deployment of the product. This procedure will provide further validation of a successful upgrade and and is an additional option to a manual check. This article will explain how the situation is handled at the moment and a potential workaround in the meantime.



Aqua CSP 4.6/5.0





Verify by running the following postgresql queries, 


  • Getting the Aqua database version from the DB,

select * from slk_metadata sm where key='version';


  • Getting the components versions from DB,


 select h.hostname,

    (case h.type

        when 'SSH' then 'Aqua Gateway'

        when 'template' then 'Aqua Windows Enforcer'

        when 'WEB_SERVER' then 'Aqua Server'

        when 'agent' then 'Aqua Enforcer'

        when 'host_enforcer' then 'Aqua VM enforcer'

        else 'Other'

    end) as "component",


 from hosts h

 where hostname != '';



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