As part of the Aqua Developer plan, you are able to connect one cloud account (AWS, Azure, GCP, or OCI) and enroll it in background scanning on a monthly basis. These scan reports are saved for 30 days and are otherwise not limited in their results or exportability.


Introduction to Monthly Free Scans

One of the main advantages of the Aqua CSPM capability is to have automated monitoring for your cloud accounts. As of July 2020, Aqua has extended this capability to the free Developer plan as well, allowing users on this plan to receive complete, detailed, cloud security reports.

Enrolling in the Free Scan

  1. Ensure you have connected your cloud account to Aqua CSPM (AWS, Azure, GCP, or Oracle Cloud).
  2. Enable the account from the Cloud Accounts page.

Accessing the Scan Report

The scan report will then run once per month, and the results will be available on the Scan Reports" page for up to 30 days.