An account mode is how your account is configured when using the Aqua with multiple teams within your organization.

Some organizations prefer to have all of their users and activity contained within a single Aqua account, which also pays the bill. We call this model "main billing" mode.

Other organizations prefer to create separate Aqua accounts for each of their teams, groups, or internal structures. One Aqua account pays the bill, while the other accounts receive service. We call this model "shared group" mode.


Main Billing ModeShared Group Mode
Number of Aqua Accounts12+
Ideal For...Organizations that want to keep all of their Aqua data in a single place and are comfortable with users seeing each other.MSPs and organizations that prefer to create fully isolated accounts for each of their tenants.
UsersAll users are added to a single Aqua account and split into groups within that account. Users can see one another (i.e. Bob can see that Alice is a member of the account).Users belong to separate Aqua accounts and are fully isolated from one another (i.e. Bob in Account 1 has no knowledge of Alice in Account 2).
Cloud AccountsCloud accounts are isolated via Groups, which control which users of the account can see the cloud account and its data.Cloud accounts are isolated both at the account and group level. Full isolation.
Third-Party IntegrationsIntegrations are shared by all members of the account.Integrations within each account are fully isolated and cannot be seen by members of other accounts.
BillingPayment is connected to the account and service is provided based on the plan level.One Aqua account becomes the "main billing" account and the other accounts are given service based on that account's payments. Members of the sub-accounts cannot see any details about the main account.

Which Is Best for Me?

The main billing mode is ideal for organizations that need complete isolation between their sub-accounts, such as for distinct clients or teams who should not have any shared resources with other teams. The shared group mode is ideal for organizations that have different teams or departments but who do not need complete isolation from one another.

How to Enable Shared Group Mode

Shared Group mode requires Aqua support to configure once a plan has been purchased. Please work with your sales contact to discuss these options.