With this release, we are introducing a number of branding, usability, and look and feel changes.

CloudSploit is now called Aqua CSPM:

We are changing the product name. The change reflects the broader mission of the Aqua cloud offering. In the upcoming days, you will notice a number of user experience changes that reflect the new brand. The changes also reflect our iterative approach to continuous usability improvements and our commitment to delivering simple-to-use, market-leading security tools. More details about the specific changes are listed below. 

The changes were developed in a way that ensures only minimal impact on your experience with the product. Backward compatibility is maintained. Specifically, there are no current API endpoints changes and any future changes will be done with an intent to focus on minimal interruptions. Please also note that the open-source project remains under the CloudSploit brand (and remains very active).

Changes to the Login page:

The login page was completely redesigned. The updated design optimizes the different login options to be better aligned with the broader customer community preferences. You will notice that the login options displayed on the new login page include email, single sign-on (SSO), and sign in with google. Other options are still available under the "All sign-in options" link.  

See below a preview of the new design:

New Aqua cloud navigation banner:

Once you sign-in to your Aqua cloud account you will notice the upper part of the page now includes a new banner. The banner serves as the Aqua cloud main notification and navigation area. 

The upper banner will look like this:

Navigation menu:

Clicking on the upper left navigation menu button opens an overlay menu that allows for simple navigation between the different parts of the Aqua cloud set of services. This includes at present the Aqua CSPM service (aka CloudSploit) and new services for static and dynamic inspection of container images. These services are currently available for customers participating in the Secure the Build - Preview Program.

Left side navigation:

The left side navigation is designed to facilitate simple navigation within a service. In the case of Aqua CSPM, this is the familiar left side menu that allows navigation between the dashboard, scans, events, and other options. The look and feel of this menu were also updated.