Aqua can send alerts to AWS SNS endpoints. This allows you to configure a mobile phone number as a subscription endpoint, which will enable you to receive SMS notifications when a specified plugin enters a WARN or FAIL state.

This setup requires you to alter the IAM permissions of the cross account role created for Aqua.

You may incur charges through your AWS account for the sending of SMS messages. These charges are independent of Aqua and are pursuant to your AWS rates. See AWS pricing for SNS.

Configuring this integration requires setup in both systems.

Configuring The Destination

Prepare your AWS account to receive alerts from the Aqua by performing the following steps.

  1. Perform all of the steps for configuring the destination for SNS notifications.
  2. Subscribe to your SNS topic with your mobile number.
    1. Under the SNS topic, click "Create Subscription".
    2. Enter your mobile number. You can also add an email subscription.

Configuring The Integration To The Destination

Configure Aqua to send alerts to SNS.

  1. Perform all of the steps for configuring the integration to the destination for SNS notifications.

The integration is now available for use.