Aqua CSPM can produce upwards of 5,000 results for a single cloud account on each scan. If you have hundreds, or even thousands, of connected cloud accounts, these scans can quickly produce millions of results per day. Org-Wide Reports are designed to help you gain visibility into specific security risks, regions, categories of cloud services, and connected cloud accounts that are most at risk.


Introduction to Org-Wide Reports

Org-Wide Reports do not contain fine-grained details about every potential security risk. Instead, they are designed to provide a high-level overview across a fleet of cloud environments.

If you have fewer than 10 connected cloud environments, Org-Wide Reports may not provide much value for you. These reports are best used to locate single accounts within fleets of scores or hundreds of cloud accounts.

Accessing Org-Wide Reports

To access the reports:

  1. Sign in to the Aqua Platform.
  2. In the left navigation pane, select Org Reports under Tools.
  3. If the report has not loaded, click the Refresh Data button at the top.
  4. You can also export the report in CSV by clicking the Export icon at the right.

Notes About Org-Wide Reports

  • Reports are only visible to account admins because they cover all connected accounts, regardless of account group
  • Reports can only be re-generated every 10 minutes using the "Refresh" button
  • Reports can be exported in CSV format for all of the available view types