Aqua CSPM can produce upwards of 5,000 results for a single cloud account on each scan. If you have hundreds, or even thousands, of connected cloud accounts, these scans can quickly produce millions of results per day. Org-Wide Reports are designed to help you gain visibility into specific security risks, regions, categories of cloud services, and connected cloud accounts that are most at risk.


Introduction to Org-Wide Reports

Org-Wide Reports do not contain fine-grained details about every potential security risk. Instead, they are designed to provide a high-level overview across a fleet of cloud environments.

If you have fewer than 10 connected cloud environments, Org-Wide Reports may not provide much value for you. These reports are best used to locate single accounts within fleets of scores or hundreds of cloud accounts.

Accessing Org-Wide Reports

To access the reports:

  1. Sign in to the Aqua Platform.
  2. In CSPM, navigate to the Org-Wide Reports page.
  3. If the report has not loaded, click the Refresh button at the top.

Notes About Org-Wide Reports

  • Reports are only visible to account admins because they cover all connected accounts, regardless of account group
  • Reports can only be re-generated every 10 minutes using the "Refresh" button
  • Reports can be exported in CSV format for all of the available view types