Note: MTTR Reports are currently a feature of Aqua Enterprise plans.

As the resources detected by Aqua CSPM change from one report to the next, CSPM records the status of the security risks associated with the resource. MTTR reports enable you to see how your security findings have been resolved over time, and how long that resolution took.


Introduction to MTTR Reports

MTTR Reports show each resource that has moved from a "FAIL" or "WARN" state to "PASS" at any point in its lifecycle within CSPM. Together with all other resources, and MTTR is calculated and displayed within the CSPM dashboard.

Calculating MTTR

MTTR is calculated using the following formula:

((time of risk resolution) - (time of risk discovery)) added for each risk


total risks moving from fail to pass

For example, if there are 2 findings:

  1. Risk 1 - detected Jan 1 and resolved Jan 10
  2. Risk 2 - detected Jan 2 and resolved Jan 3

Then the MTTR calculation is:

(10 - 1) + (3 - 2)



Resulting in an MTTR of 5 days.

Notes About MTTR Reports

MTTR reports are currently a beta feature for Premier Plan users. Please consider the following when using MTTR reports:

  • MTTR reports currently work best for AWS and Azure resources
  • MTTR is only calculated when a result with a resource moves from a failing (or warning) state to passing
  • MTTR is only calculated over the last 180 days