Sometimes Organizations have their own Compliance requirements, Custom Compliance reports are easy to generate and can be the solution to monitoring internal compliance requirements, please follow the easy steps below to get your compliance report.

Instructions to Generate a Custom Compliance Report

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Compliance Program

  • Go to Compliance
  • Click on Create Program
  • Enter a Program Name and Description
  • Your screen will indicate the Program was Successfully Created
  • Filter out Default compliance programs, or locate your program using the name specified
  • Click on the hamburger menu and select Add Control
  • Enter the Control Name and Description
  • You screen will indicate the Control was successfully created
  • Click on the hamburger menu and select Edit Mapped Plugins
  • Filter using the search box the with terms related to the services pertaining to this Control, then Select the desired Plugins
  • Close the window and repeat for as many controls as you need

Tip: If PCI and HIPAA scans were enabled before creating the new Compliance Program, yopu do not need to Run a new scan to see the Compliance Report.

Step 2: Run a Scan

Step 3: Open the Compliance tab in the Scan Report 

  • Go to Scans > Scan Reports
  • Click on View Report for the account updated in Step 1
  • Click on Compliance
  • Click on the name of your Custom Compliance Program to expand the report
  • Click on each desired Control to expand its results
  • Click on each desired Plugin to expand its results

Step 4: Export the Compliance Report in PDF or CSV

  • Click on the Export button and select your preferred format

Compliance Reports are available to export in PDF and CSV, click on Export for the Compliance Program desired and select your preferred format.

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