Aqua CSPM scan reports produce numerous findings on each execution. Sometimes, those findings may change as resources in your cloud environments change. Because scan reports are regenerated on a regular basis (as often as every hour on the Aqua's Enterprise plan), these findings are usually up-to-date. However, CSPM also supports the ability to retest results using live data, for the freshest results.


Running a Full Retest

You can trigger a full retest of your entire environment (i.e. a new scan report) at any time by clicking the Scan button next to your cloud account on the Cloud Accounts page.

This will trigger a new background scan report, which will appear in the Scan Reports page after 3-5 minutes.

Retesting Specific Results

Rather than regenerating an entire report, you can opt to retest specific results using our Live Run tool. The Live Run tool queries data from the cloud provider APIs, passes it to a specific CSPM plugin, and presents all of the data to you for debugging purposes.

You can trigger a Live Run in two ways:

  1. Click the desired cloud account row from the Scan Reports page, and select the Detailed Results tab. 
  2. Click retest next to any result in your scan report.
  3. Navigate directly to the Live Run page and choose a cloud account and plugin.