At the core of Aqua's CSPM capability is the production of security audit reports for each connected cloud account. These reports break down the security risk findings into a searchable, exportable report with detailed information on each control.



  1. Before running a cloud account scan, you must connect a cloud account to CSPM (See the detailed setup steps for: AWS | Azure | GCP | Oracle).
  2. Once the account is connected, ensure that scanning is enabled from the Cloud Accounts page.

Triggering Scans

Once the account is enabled, CSPM will work behind the scenes to perform the cloud account scan. Scans usually take between 5 and 10 minutes to run and the results will be available on the Scan Reports page once complete.

No additional steps are required to configure background scans; CSPM will trigger and run these scans automatically.

After the initial scan has run, background scans will run on a schedule defined for that account (typically every 24 hours). If you want to trigger a scan at any other time, you can do so from the Cloud Accounts page by clicking the Scan button next to the account.

However, if you manually click on "Scan", this will make the count of the scheduled scan start again, from the moment you performed this.

For example:

Let's say we want to have a weekly scan, so we set the Scan Interval for 168 hours (168 hours = 7 days) and we set this on a Wednesday.

If there is no setting for Scan Timeframe, and Scan interval is set to this specific value, then the next automatic scan will happen after 7 days, which would be next Wednesday.

If a customer clicks on "Scan" on a Monday, this will make the count of the scheduled scan start counting again, from the moment this was done. 

This would mean the next scheduled scan would be Monday the week after that, and not on Wednesday.

Scan Reports

After the scan has run, the scan will be available from the Scan Reports page.