AWS Bulk Import Overview

Aqua offers the ability to bulk import your AWS accounts for quick onboarding of up to 50 accounts at a time. You will still need to follow the steps necessary to create an IAM role in each account.

Bulk Import

Step 1: Navigate to the Cloud Accounts page.

  • Click on Connect Account on the top right.

Step 2: Choose AWS under "Account Type" and Bulk Upload under "Method".

Step 3: Download the CSV template file.

Step 4: Use the CloudFormation or Manual Setup steps to create an IAM role in all of your AWS accounts.

Step 5: For each role you create, add the role ARN to the CSV, along with the external Id.

For the "external ID" use the UUIDv4 value included in the CSV. You must use a unique ID for each account.
  • Add a maximum of 50 AWS accounts.

Step 6: Drop the completed CSV file onto the Aqua connection wizard and select Connect Accounts.