Let's get started with running your first cloud account scan. The process includes two main steps: 

  1. Connect one cloud account to Aqua. In this example, we will connect an AWS account using an AWS CloudFormation stack.
  2. Run your first scan.

Aqua supports multiple types of cloud accounts and multiple methods to connect your cloud accounts. Read more about these options at CSPM Overview

How to run your first cloud account scan

Step 1: Sign in to Aqua and see the dashboard

  1. When you first sign in to Aqua you should see a dashboard similar to the following:
  2. Click Connect Your Cloud Accounts.

Step 2: Select the options to connect AWS account

  1. Select "Default" for Aqua Group.
  2. Select "Amazon Web Service (AWS)" for Account Type.
  3. Select "CloudFormation (Recommended)" for Method.

Step 3: Launch the CloudFormation stack

  1. Ensure you are currently signed in to your AWS account with permission to create CloudFormation and IAM resources
  2. Click on the orange button Launch Stack
  3. A new browser tab will open with the CloudFormation stack details, review the details, click on the checkbox stating "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources." 
  4. Finally, click on the Create Stack button

Step 4: Copy the newly created ARN

  1. In the AWS browser tab, wait for the CloudFormation stack to finish
  2. Review the stack output and copy the value for the Aqua CSPM ARN

Step 5: Paste the ARN value

  1. Back in the Aqua browser tab, paste the value of the ARN
  2. Click Connect Account button 
  3. A confirmation message should be displayed and your cloud account is now connected to Aqua Web 

Please note that you must not refresh or leave the Aqua page until you paste the ARN. Doing so will change the required connection ID and will fail the connection process.

Step 6: Run your first cloud account scan

  1. Congratulations! Your first scan is automatically initiated and waiting for your review
  2. Navigate to the Scans->Scan Reports page
  3. You will see there your first scan report

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