You wish to view specific categorised vulnerabilities for a particular/multiple container images for reporting or remediation purposes within another tool.


Filtering by vulnerability severity

  1. Click on the Vulnerabilities page within the Aqua Web UI.
  2. Select an image name in the dialog box , such as an existing scanned Ubuntu 14.10 image
  3. Select the Severity to filter on

4. Select the export Icon on the top right of the UI in the Vulnerabilities page

5. Select which format you wish the CSV to be delievered in.

6. the results will be dispensed within the selected file that you opted for.

7. You can then open the downloaded file using Excel and view the results

Filtering by a known CVE

Using an example from various WordPress images

  1. We looked up known CVE's present in WordPress images from the internet and picked a text search based on CVE's from CVE-2019-17670
  2. Enter CVE-2019-17670 into the "Search by CVE or resource" text box as shown below
  3. Repeat steps 4-6 in the previous example to view

4. Open the downloaded CSV in Excel


All the actions you can perform within the UI can be done via the API also.

Version applies to 

 4.5, 4.6 + later

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