Aqua CSP console version => 4.5


Deployment Task

Usually the vulnerabilities are exported in bulk via the Aqua CSP console [1] or the relevant API calls [2] however, we can also export a single image vulnerabilities via the Aqua console GUI.

To be noted is that in Aqua CSP version 4.6 (below example) we have 2 options of exporting a single image vulnerabilities. One is a non-compressed csv file the other is the usual gzip compressed file.


Deployment Steps

  • On the Aqua console left menu pane click on Vulnerabilities.
  • From the Image dropdown menu select the image that we would like to export its vulnerabilities for.
  • On the top right of the page use the arrow-up icon to export the selected image vulnerabilities. 


Related information

[1] https://docs.aquasec.com/docs/export-and-lookup-vulnerabilities

[2] https://support.aquasec.com/support/solutions/articles/16000083307-get-csv-export-of-cves-using-the-api